Granite Tiles in Mississauga – Increase Your Home Value for Less

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The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) housing market is booming. This lively environment is exciting for buyers and sellers alike. Interested in increasing the re-sale value of your home? Many realtors agree – it is quality upgrades that can take an otherwise unremarkable home to the next level. A savvy homebuyer has a keen eye for detail, and is looking for upgrades that add value and are long-lasting.
It's in the Details
A high-value home contains custom details, premium features and quality workmanship that make it special. One quality upgrade that is highly sought after by homeowners is natural stone. Floors, countertops and tub surrounds are a few of the places homebuyers prefer stone to Formica or other synthetic materials.
Granite is #1 with Homebuyers
Renowned for its natural beauty, granite is especially known for its role in increasing a home's market value. Tremendously durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures, granite is highly functional. It's also attractive and long-lasting, making it a very smart choice financially. When looking at adding upgrades to your home one thing is sure - a beautiful granite element is a sound investment.
Try Tile for Big Value
Adding special touches in a kitchen, bathroom or other area can really up your home's "Wow" factor. Don't want to invest in a solid granite piece? Many homeowners are turning to a cheaper alternative that adds just as much allure – tile. A granite tiled floor, tub surround, fireplace, kitchen backsplash or outdoor element adds a definite air of elegance. Granite tiles are a win-win for those who desire both design, and functionality. They are also available at a lower cost.
Things to Think About When Considering Tile
One of the most appealing aspects of tile is that it's highly customizable. Tile can serve as functional, decorative or both! If desired, a tiled element in a home can make a real statement. When thinking about purchasing and installing tile, there are many things to consider.
Granite tile colors can be subtle (earth tones), or very bold and eye-catching (salmon, or electric blue). Tile placement can also add drama to a room or hallway. Try alternating different colored tiles to make a visually interesting floor or backsplash.
Environment and Usage Level
Floor tile needs to be able to withstand more consistent weight and the possibility of falling objects. A granite tiled floor or countertop will need to be sealed more often than a merely decorative piece. Moisture levels in the area might be a consideration as well, so take this into account when choosing your tile.
Grout color & Type
Grout color gives you another opportunity to add flair. A bright white grout against dark tiles is stark and beautiful, while gray and black colored grouts are gaining popularity as well. This is yet another way that granite tile can be customized to create a look that's truly unique. The moisture level in the installation area will determine the type of grout used. Sanded grout and epoxy grouts are both viable options that you can explore with your tile installer.
Tile Size
Larger tiles are typically better for larger areas, like floors. However, for borders, backsplashes and other accents, tile sizes can be mixed and matched, placing the tiles in intricate patterns.